*Korean toy brand Goober is synonymous with creativity. It offers a magnificent range of pencils with unique shapes such as peanuts or vegetables. At Goober, it is believed that children express themselves best through art and drawing and the brand encourages children to explore new perspectives through art and play every day. From fun crayons to spinning tops, in from coloring books to bags of crayons, this playful brand offers a range of interesting ideas for birthday gifts, or stocking up on art supplies for home or the holidays. Discover Goober, now available on Smallable.


      About Ddankongpress and Goober pencils:

      Goober means peanut in English, or can also describe a person who is a bit weird - out of the ordinary. The Korean brand seeks to create fun and unique drawing tools, such as interlocking wax crayons in the shape of Legos or in the shape of fruits and vegetables!

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