HVID's precious merino wool blankets and accessories are made on a small scale in a family-run workshop in the Belgian countryside.

      Using natural dyes and high-quality merino wool, Caroline Camerlynck's impeccably designed and incredibly cosy knitwear will wrap babies and children and be cherished by families for years to come.

      HVID's family knitwear is designed for everyday, all-season use, which is why it uses merino wool, chosen for its versatility and softness, but also known for its durability. What's more, as merino wool is biodegradable, at the end of its useful life it will decompose organically in the ecosystem, avoiding any long-term environmental pollution.

      HVID works in partnership with the best Italian spinning mills, which not only comply with the strictest European regulations on yarn colouring but are proud to use 100% renewable energy while optimising water purification and discharges.
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