CARIBOU is a Montreal-based design studio that creates and designs toys, clothing and accessories for the whole family, with a focus on thoughtful, well-crafted products.
      Whether in their small workshop in the Rosemont district or as subcontractors elsewhere in the province, their products are entirely made in Quebec, which minimizes the polluting transportation footprint, promotes the local economy, creates local jobs and prevents any support for sweatshops.
      The materials chosen for the various items in their collections are also in line with eco-responsibility and sustainability: linen, Oeko-Tex, wool, organic cotton and local wood.
      Their famous linen caps in delightful colors, born of a creative impulse and now available in nearly a hundred points of sale around the world, are now recognized in the fashion world as a synonym for quality and commitment that transcends fashions to establish itself as a flagship of Quebec design.
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