About Djeco:

      In the Djeco family, tribute to the mother, Véronique Michel-Dalès. It was she who created her small business in 1954, at a time when few women embarked on this kind of adventure. She imagines learning games like the "four Thursday lotto" or "My house of fleas". Beautiful, intelligent and playful at the same time, Djeco's games, in reference to the gecko, the lucky little lizard, were very successful and were awarded four toy Oscars in the 1960s. The family business falls asleep and his son Frédéric grows up... In 1989, the young man decides to wake up Djeco and takes up the family business again. He set up his offices in the old warehouse. Initially, he traveled the four corners of the planet and imported toys that did not exist in France. His vision of the world still permeates the small French company. Then he dreams of toys that he cannot find on the market. All he has to do then... is create them! In 1997, endowed with an artistic sensitivity that is unusual in the world of toys, he invented a collection of educational toys. Wooden puzzles, wooden toys, cardboard puzzles pave the way then the ranges expand with card games and board games. In 2007, original workshop-boxes revolutionized creative hobbies. 2011 sees the arrival of Arty toys figurines with an unclassifiable look. Since then, completely new collections have been regularly created, designed by an artistic direction that favors graphics, design and aesthetics. A new era in gaming is dawning.

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