* family-owned company has been making underwear and clothing for 85 years

      Today, our collection covers underwear and clothing for babies and kids, underwear for adults, a small range of outerwear in pure merino wool or merino wool and silk for children and adults, fleece and boiled wool clothing in soft, cozy merino wool for babies and children, fleece clothing for adults and specially developed garments for prematures.

      Sustainability: provide our customers with high-quality, ecologically compatible feel-good products which we can sell and they can buy with a clear conscience and out of conviction.

      As an obvious consequence of this, we not only use renewable raw materials for our products and make sure that the finished garments contain no pollutants; we also avoid the use completely of substances that are harmful to health or the environment during the entire garment production process. Waste is avoided wherever possible.

      We are committed to fair, safe employment for a fair wage, not only in our own company but throughout all the production stages.

      Our sustainable production concept also includes generating the power we need from renewable energy sources, such as solar and hydraulic power.

      Engel underwear and clothing is sustainably produced in Germany.

      About Engel Natur:

      This German family business has been manufacturing underwear and clothing for 85 years using only natural textiles. Besides organic cotton, Engel Natur uses the finest organic merino virgin wool and natural organic merino virgin wool with silk. All dyes used are free of heavy metals and have always been free of harmful AZO dyes. Engel garments are free of any form of chemical finishing.

      In principle, all agents used by the brand must be biodegradable and must not pollute the soil, air and water. All materials used are nickel-free and the buttons are made from natural and renewable raw materials. The brand's clothing undergoes rigorous quality control to test resistance to light, saliva, perspiration, washing and shrinkage. These properties, as well as the maximum residue limits of substances harmful to health and the environment, are checked at regular intervals by independent and certified environmental institutes and laboratories.

      In short, it's the brand to adopt for the love of nature and our health!

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