"Childhood is a brief and extraordinary time — a time when everything is possible and the imagination is boundless. Fanny & Alexander is dedicated to creating and cultivating moments of joy during childhood that will last a lifetime.

      We make toys that call to children's creativity and curiosity, and encourage them to marvel at the world around them — whilst inventing a few worlds of their own, too. Our toys are deceptively simple, but meticulously made, so that they might become a beloved part of your child's life, and endure to be enjoyed by future generations, too.

      There is an art to playing well; one which we take seriously. We hope our toys will become beloved companions and cherished objects that preserve that sense of childhood wonder for your family."

      Our willfully analog toys offer a welcome antidote to our digital age, and to modern toys which only require children to sit passively before them. We hope they will foster a sense of appreciation, cultivate imagination, and act as tools for learning — but most of all, we hope they will create many moments of childhood wonder.


      About Fanny & Alexander:

      Carefully designed and manufactured, the toys from this British company are deceptively simple and require no source of energy except the ideas and energy of children. Crafted from quality solid wood, supple leathers and natural fabrics, they're designed to be eye-catching and fun to wear - made to last and be loved. The perfect toys for cultivating the imagination and learning, but above all, for creating many moments of wonder.

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